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FreeDUMB Apparel Is Finally Here

For much of the last two years, I have invested time, energy, and finances into the creation of a sustainable business designed to educate, empower, and inspire oppressed people of color around the world. From Ghana and Hawaii, to the indigenous people of Asia, India and across the planet, I wanted everyone to be able to witness and take part in this new-age form of melanated resistance. All revolutionaries deserve to have clothing that uniquely represents them. Thus, I invented FreeDUMB Apparel. 

This whole company started as a minute idea and grew into a full fledged, professional business. From limited-edition tee's to custom-made hoodies, we have come a long way to bring the world one of the most revolutionary and thought-provoking brands on the internet. We are working to link up black institutions and function as a pillar of excellence for the world to see. 

I don't care how you came upon www.FreeDUMBApparel.com; I'm just blessed that you made it. I'm elated that you took the time out to see what all the talk was about. As you scroll our pages, know that we are as authentic as it gets. This isn't simply about making money; we want to encourage other young entrepreneurs and thinkers to find their voices and manifest their hopes and desires. We also strive to uplift the communities that uplifted us. Freedom will not come easy, but it will come. 

With Love,

Albert Phillips, Owner of FreeDUMB Apparel 

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