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New Black-Owned, Socially Conscious Apparel Company Launches Online


New Black-Owned, Socially Conscious Apparel Company Launches Online

Every Revolutionary Needs a Dope Tee

Baltimore, MD (July 31, 2015)

Opening up their virtual doors just weeks after the death of Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Uprising, FreeDUMB Apparel is a socially conscious apparel company that was made exclusively for revolutionaries. The brand specializes in clothing that spotlights three themes: African/indigenous history and culture, resistance to oppression, and liberation from mental slavery. Through images, symbols, and words, the brand tells a unique story of struggle and triumph.

“I think clothing, especially t-shirts, are representations of the wearer. We wear Gucci, Prada, Hermes, and other European brands proudly,” said Albert Phillips, owner and founder of FreeDUMB Apparel. “I figured I could create a simple, innovative brand that could tell a different story, a story of revolution and sacrifice. I also wanted to make something that could educate people and give back to my community. “

A journalist and youth advocate turned businessman, 25-year-old Phillips started by selling small batches of screen-printed t-shirts in his hometown of Baltimore and online through different websites. After selling nearly 100 shirts and doing a crowd-funding campaign that landed him $1,200, Phillips realized there was an audience and demand for his t-shirt ideas. On the 90th anniversary of Malcolm X’s birthday, May 19, his company officially launched online as FreeDUMBApparel.com.

“I did the research. I did my homework. I saw what other people were doing and I figured out how I could do the same, if not better, but with my own unique, cultural designs,” said Phillips. I already had local brothers and sisters who could help me out. I made some phone calls, spent a few months working hard, and then this whole thing just took off.”

Since his launch, Phillips’ company has managed to capture over 50 orders and has made it overseas, shipping one order out to a customer in Australia. In the next coming months, he plans to work with local artists and put out new t-shirts weekly as well as release hats and other accessories. Starting in 2016, the company will begin donating a portion of the profit from selected shirts to organizations, initiatives, and institutions that work in the interest of communities of color.

About FreeDUMB Apparel

FreeDUMB Apparel is a socially conscious apparel company founded in 2014. The brand seeks to provide customers with quality clothing, promote introspection, and stimulate the revolutionary spirit that’s within all oppressed, marginalized, and distressed people of color. This company is about being bluntly provocative and conquering ignorance. The goal of our gear is to get you to at least consider other possibilities, question everything, and work towards the holistic freedom of yourself and your community.

For more information, contact Albert Phillips at support@freedumbapparel.com and visit www.FreeDUMBApparel.com


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  • Whatever you do, PUHLEASE don’t include EVER non-Blacks. I will be purchasing. Love the tees.

  • I will definitely share this with my family and friends ?

    Erika Holmes
  • Love the articcle. I was wondering if there is an affiliate program and if so how do I sign up? I would love to help promote the products.


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