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Black Muslim Woman Writes Open Letter to President Donald Trump

                                                                                                                                                January 29th, 2017


Dear "President" Trump,


    Groundhog's Day is only a few short days away, but it will not be necessary to watch for Punxsutawney Phil's shadow. An American Spring is approaching and rapidly as you bellicosely dismantle our country's foreign policy and infrastructure with complete indifference to the affect upon the citizens that do not reflect your fascist America. The America that you dream of as you ironically sleep next to an immigrant does not exist. The cabal of the radical rich for which you are preserving will crumble beneath the unison of the disenfranchised. Your proposed fight against radical terrorism is a hoax and would prove far more fruitful for the American people if you began with an executive order to ban yourself. Your very actions are the bricks cemented in the foundations of the platforms upon which terrorists recruit and rally. The American Government's war on terrorism is at its core a war on its own rapacity for which you are the ideal poster boy.

     As extremist groups tote U.S. funded or branded weaponry, you cannot claim that it is radical Islam that you are waging war against. America has a history of not only funding terrorists groups labeled Islamic, but has used them strategically for geopolitical expediency. If your goal for this Executive Order was in fact to fight "Radical Islamic Terrorism" (although such a thing too does not exist for it goes against Islam's core principles) why have you not added Saudi Arabia or Pakistan to the list of countries subjected to this international illegality? If your goal is to ostracize Islam, radical or moderate, your list is simply inadequate and your attempts are futile. Muslims account for over 1.6 billion of the total human population, the largest population of who reside in Indonesia (which ironically did not make your list either). America itself is home to more than 3 million Muslims, both immigrants and native born. Your conflict isn't with Muslims or Islam, your political and economic quandary lies in a cesspool of greed, megalomania, xenophobia, bigotry, racism and any country who resists or opposes the American Government's exploitative interests.

    There is no mistake in the decision to ban countries that are not home to any of your major investments or business holdings, but are all victims of U.S. bombings, military deployments and bases, harsh sanctions or threats. You are now the hand model grasping the whisk that stirs the atmosphere in which refugees form and are thereafter asphyxiated. You are sabotaging the American people, the principles upon which America vows to perpetuate and the many nations worldwide that are codependent upon our stability. America has flourished as a result of Immigration. America exists as a result of Immigration. These lands have been a place to escape religious persecution and practice religious autonomy since the pilgrims arrived for that very reason. Our melting pot has survived numerous attempts and periods of systematic bleaching, yet here we are colorfully progressing. We will thrive beyond this Muslim Exclusion Act of 2017 as we did the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. We will continue to grow in diversity regardless of adversity as we did through the period of The National Origins Act. We, the proclaimed minorities, are resilient in the exact way that haunts you every time you pull those white sheets over your head. Those white hoods may be opaque enough to veil your identity, but not your fear. We, on the other hand, are not stricken with fear for we are not strangers to persecution.

    Muslims are an intrinsic piece of American culture and history having arrived from Africa as slaves at the beginning of this nation's establishment. Muslims have positively contributed to every aspect of modern society in science, medicine, art and everything in between. We fought in wars alongside George Washington the first president of the United States and fight in today's military. Banning immigrants from the countries you've selected is detrimental to the American education and healthcare system, a large portion of our professors and medical professionals are Muslim, immigrants or both. If you ban Muslims then you also ban our contributions to society. Every time you walk into a structurally sound skyscraper do you express gratitude to Fazlur Rahman Khan who revolutionized structural engineering? That’s right; your Trump Towers stand erect because of the contribution of a Muslim. When you walk into the hospital, founded by a Muslim, passing numerous patients healed by Muslims physicians and surgeons performing procedures also founded by a Muslim, how can you not applaud our presence? Or how about when you indulge in the sweet and simple delicacy of an ice cream cone? A Syrian Muslim Immigrant invented the cone. You will find us in every part of American history and culture even in places you least expect us. You will similarly find us in its future. To make America greater you are going to need Muslims, abroad and domestic, not merely Muslim owned land and resources. We are here to stay and we are not alone.

    The American People, of varying religious, ethnic, gender and cultural identities welcome with open arms diversity and inclusion. We have not welcomed you. And we will march against hatred in whatever form it manifests with closed fists and open hearts. We will mock the illegitimacy of your leadership or lack thereof as the Romans did with Romulus Augustus; however, unlike Romulus you are not the end for this democratic empire. We, the popular vote, the true executives of this heterogeneous Nation ban you for the better interest of our Country, our World. We have no desire to return to the past America that was "great" for White men, but to move forward into an American future that is greater for everyone.


Malika McCoy                                                                                                                         An American Born Muslim

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  • Right on my sister, right on!!

    Aaliyah McCoy
  • Well said

    Kenneth Whittenburg
  • Thank-you for that powerful and insightful letter. I agree with you 100 percent .


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