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By  Kutenbe

Racism killed my brothers
Racism killed my sisters
Racism killed my mothers
My fathers
Racism kills
Racism keeps killing
When will this end?
How many shall die before we get equal rights?
We have grown into oak trees
We have planted the seeds
Great minds were born and are born
When will this terror end?
It's time to get out in the streets
It's time to raise our voices
And forget about our fears
It's time the history books are changed
Where are the great minds?
Are they not born yet?
Where is this generation's Malcolm or Martin?
Citizens under attack
Aren't we all human
You stole my culture
My civil right 
Are you uncomfortable yet?
You shall not be able to sleep until we get equal economy and social justice.
You will not walk with your head in the skies anymore. 
You shall not eat from my table
Or drink from my pond
What's mine is mine
Fear me, for I shall change the way you walk. 
When will we be free?
Bite the hand

Learn more about Kutenbe and her passions at her blog: http://nouw.com/aichak

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